I have always loved Luton Indoor Market.  I can remember buying my ballet
shoes from a neighbour’s market stall as a young child and my mum buying
buttons and fabric from one of the other stalls. As a teenager I used to
buy T shirts with printed slogans/images.   I am now 42 years old and a
new trader at Luton Indoor Market.  So why did I take the leap & open my
own shop premises?

I popped into the market to have a look around and decided while I was
there to ask about the cost of stalls. The Market Manager talked me
through a few options and then showed me around. I was impressed with the
level of support offered to traders and how friendly & approachable the
other traders were, so having gone home to think things over for a few
days, I took on Unit 53 of Luton Indoor Market. My shop sells toys, hair
accessories, personalised gifts & more lovely items. It’s also the base
for www.whatsgoodtodo.co.uk. A couple of weeks in, I am happy with my
decision. I have got to know some of the other stall holders and there is
true community spirit here.   Anyhow, enough about my personal journey as
a new trader.  Let me tell you about some of the other stalls down at
Luton Indoor Market:

Angelic Awareness (TM sign)

A lovely lady called Amanda runs this business.  She offers angel & tarot
readings, crystal healing, Indian head massage, rahanni celestial healing,
reiki & spiritual gifts.   Her shop window display is stunning.   Some of
the items she has for sale include dreamcatchers, tarot cards, incense
sticks, ornaments & hand crafted jewellery.  I bought a lovely, reasonably
priced stone from Amanda.  It was hard to pick which one to buy because
she has a lovely collection.  I have heard good feedback with regards
Amanda’s readings too.

Jax Dress Up Box

Whilst I have not yet purchased anything yet, I have my eye on some lovely
dressing up outfits for the little people in my life, including a
fantastic fireman’s helmet for between £2 and £3.  There really is
something to suit every budget.  Jax Dress Up Box sells Smiffy’s products
and their range is phenomenal.  Maybe you are looking for a fun outfit to
wear to the carnival this year?  It’s worth popping down to check out what
this lovely market trader has to offer.


I get very peckish when running my Luton Indoor Market shop.  I was
delighted to find that Leo’s offer a fantastic deal whereby you can have 2
main dishes with rice for just £5.00.  Portion sizes are generous too.
I cannot wait to try out more dishes from their extensive menu.

Classy Cobbler

I needed to cut some keys for my new shop & I did so at The Classy Cobbler
for a reasonable cost. The cobbler side of his business is great as too
much gets thrown away these days.  Why not mend your favourite pair of

I have received a friendly, personalised service from every trader on
Luton Indoor Market.

If you fancy running your own market stall, email Marcus Bell on